Our way of working: pragmatic and industry-proven


Results matter – therefore, practicability is our core principle. Our approach focusses on implementation and integration from the beginning to avoid overcomplicating the status-quo or the objective. We think entrepreneurial and take responsibility for the entire process, working pragmatically, target oriented and hand-to-hand with our customers. Together we deliver and create value.


Knowing that each project is unique, we don’t just apply standardized concepts. Our solutions are always custom drafted and tailored to our client’s individual requirements and needs. However, common to all projects is that our M.O. will be industry proven and that procurement is and always will be ‘people business’. Whether it’s restructuring, digitalization, the introduction of new tools and methods, or the cooperation with suppliers, success always depends on a team oriented fair collaboration of all stakeholders involved – across functions and organizations, from executives to shop floor level. We will align the interests of everyone involved in the project. Customized implementation planning, change management concepts and trainings ensure that employees along with internal and external stakeholders will understand, accept and live the new concepts, structures and practices.


Our way of working consists of the following phases:


  • Analysis & Exploration (maturity analysis, data analysis / facts & figures, interviews and stakeholder analysis)
  • Conception & strategy development (stakeholder workshops, SWOT, success factors / game changer, alignment & communication)
  • Implementation (pilots, gradual implementation, training, stakeholder involvement, change management)
  • Reflection & Proof of Concept (performance review, guided transitioning process, coaching, intervention, advancement)


At any time, we combine our methodological know-how and expertise that we constantly strive to expand and put to the test in practice and sciences. Whilst applying professional and proven methods, tools and techniques, we also rely on our own experience. Our work is analytical and based on facts. Results, recommendations and initiatives are founded on facts & figures, but also best-practices, our vast experience and industry-proven solutions.

From there on, we develop new concepts and strategies, optimize organizational structures and business process and implement such. And we take full responsibility for our results and solutions.

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