Nothing is more perpetuous than change itself  


In recent years, corporate procurement has experienced a considerable revaluation. However, it is particularly procurement that has to adapt to the ever changing business environment of the 21st century. No other department is exposed to such extensive influences (internal requirements, market requirements, geopolitical influences, and digitalization).

To persist in this utterly dynamic change, continuous adjustments are vital. Change strengthens the organization and your employees, so they are ready to cope with times of crisis or the restructuring of corporate work-flows. Our many years of experience and training (certified DDI Training Facilitator a. o.) in the manifold fields of change management enabled us to successfully restructure several global procurement organizations in the past years and have them well prepared for future challenges.


Providing measurable success today and an optimized structure for tomorrow.


HOW we initiate and support your change Management Process:

  • Draft and organize as well as check and balance the change process
  • Analyze process relevant (communication-) channels and potential factors of interference
  • Involve all internal and external stakeholders that are affected by the change process and have valid interest in such.
  • Draft a holistic concept including ad-hoc actions, communication schemes, workshops etc.
  • Foster and coach all stakeholders involved in the change process as well as train and integrate change agents.
  • Implement the concept in the overall process.
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